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Rachel Marie DeSimone

Rachel Marie DeSimone Proud to Support Pair of Leading Charitable Organizations

Charitable legal professional Rachel Marie DeSimone opens up about her support for the American Cancer Society and Red Cross.

An award-winning legal professional from southwest Florida, Rachel Marie DeSimone is proud to support a number of incredible charities and other good causes. Among these are the American Cancer Society and humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross. Philanthropic legal assistant Rachel reveals more.

“I’ve always been proud of my charitable nature, and among the organizations to which I currently lend the most support are the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society,” explains Rachel Marie DeSimone, speaking from her home in Bonita Springs, Florida.

The humanitarian organization the American Red Cross provides emergency assistance and disaster relief in the United States. Founded by Washington, D.C.-based Clara Barton almost 140 years ago in 1881, the American Red Cross is not funded by the government. “Instead, its budget comes predominantly from donations,” reveals Rachel.

The mission of the Red Cross, she goes on to explain, centers around its endeavors to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found. “Its purpose is to protect life and health,” adds Rachel DeSimone, “and to ensure respect for the human being.”

The American Cancer Society, meanwhile, is a nationwide voluntary health organization established in 1913, primarily dedicated to eliminating cancer, according to Rachel.

“Organized into six regions of both medical staff and volunteers such as myself, the charity now operates from over 250 regional offices,” adds American Cancer Society supporter Rachel. “We’re on a mission,” she goes on, “to fund and conduct research, share expert information, support patients, spread the word about prevention, and ultimately, we hope, free the world from cancer.”

With the support of individuals such as Rachel Marie DeSimone, the American Cancer Society has, to date, played a significant part in funding various scientists responsible for discovering life-saving cancer treatments.

Rachel is just one of many thousands of individuals proud to support both the American Cancer Society and Red Cross, and their international counterparts around the world.

Rachel DeSimone is a resident of the southwest Florida city of Bonita Springs, famed for its beautiful and abundant beaches, parks, and windswept sand dunes. An avid traveler with a particular passion for Italy, outside of her professional endeavors and charitable work, philanthropic legal assistant Rachel Marie DeSimone enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

With a keen sense of adventure, Rachel DeSimone, unbeknownst to many, embarked on a series of flying lessons during a period of time spent living and working in Erie, Pennsylvania. It was here that the seasoned legal professional—certified in quality systems, internal auditing, and root cause analysis—was also awarded the prestigious accolade of Mover of the Week by Erie Times-News and its regional business guide.

To learn more, head to Rachel Marie DeSimone’s website or connect with former Erie-based professional Rachel on Medium, Crunchbase, or Pinterest.

Rachel Marie Desimone

Rachel DeSimone Named Erie Mover of the Week

Legal assistant Rachel DeSimone proudly named Mover of the Week by Erie Times-News.

In the wake of her election as a voting member of a national accreditation program’s supplier task group during its quarterly global meeting in Japan, Rachel Marie DeSimone was proudly named Mover of the Week by Pennsylvania-based Erie Times-News’ regional business guide.

A former paralegal certified in quality systems, internal auditing, and root cause analysis, Rachel DeSimone took her then-department to national accreditation under a celebrated industry program before scooping her Mover of the Week accolade, courtesy of the Erie Times-News and its team.

Erie Mover of the Week recipient Rachel DeSimone had also recently taken her team to supplier merit status under the same program, which is responsible for setting the standards for a wide variety of aspects in its industry. “It was fantastic to achieve recognition as the Erie Times-News’ Mover of the Week,” reveals DeSimone.

With a history dating back more than 130 years, daily broadsheet newspaper the Erie Times-News was founded in 1888. Headquartered at 205 West 12th Street in Erie, Pennsylvania, the newspaper has a current daily circulation of between 40,000-58,000 on average, Monday-Sunday. The Erie Times-News can also be found online at GoErie.com, where the local news, politics, and sports outlet promises the latest breaking stories, sports, entertainment, and obituaries from in and around Erie, Pennsylvania.

Former Erie-based professional Rachel DeSimone has since relocated to Bonita Springs, Florida, where the Mover of the Week recipient now works as a legal assistant. DeSimone had previously spent time in nearby Naples, originally moving to the city in 1985 to pursue her early career in the legal industry.

Predominantly pursuing a career in real estate law from the outset, Rachel DeSimone was able to split her time between Pennsylvania and Florida, where she would continue her work seasonally for a period of more than five years. DeSimone did so while simultaneously taking her Erie-based team to supplier merit status, achieving national industry accreditation, and scooping her prestigious Mover of the Week accolade.

Both Bonita Springs and Naples are famed for their Gulf Coast beaches, parks, high-end shopping, and golf courses. The Pennsylvania city of Erie, meanwhile, is also celebrated for its lakeside beaches plus the nearby Waldameer Park & Water World, the Erie Maritime Museum, and the Erie Art Museum, as well as an abundance of walking and cycling trails – a particular source of enjoyment for Rachel  DeSimone during her time spent living there.

During her time in Erie, Pennsylvania, Rachel DeSimone also embarked on flying lessons. Passionate about travel, DeSimone has visited Italy to see her heritage. Back home, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and is a proud supporter of a number of charities and other good causes, including the American Cancer Society and humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross.

Rachel Marie Desimone

Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses How Relay for Life Aids the American Cancer Society

Philanthropist Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses How Relay for Life aids the American Cancer Society.

Battling cancer is a never-ending job. The Relay for Live event, held by the American Cancer Society, is one way the world is battling cancer one step at a time. Philanthropist and American Cancer Society donor Rachel Marie DeSimone recently discussed how Relay for Life is assisting Americans battling cancer right now.

“The battle against cancer is undoubtedly a physical battle, but it’s financial too,” Rachel Marie DeSimone said. “The Relay for Life helps relieve some of that financial burden, so patients and their caregivers can focus on health.”

Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that the Relay for Life experience is one that draws people back year after year. Nearly every person knows somebody who is battling cancer or has battled it in the past. The concept of Relay for Life is that one person can always make a difference in any fight, but especially in the fight against cancer. Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that Relay for Life supports research for cures for certain cancers, transportation to and from cancer treatment centers, and hospital bills for those battling cancer right now. Many families have zero financial support, and Relay for Life provides the hope and help they need.

“Relay for Life is an iconic fundraiser for the American Cancer Society because it takes place in more than 5,000 communities around the world,” Rachel Marie DeSimone said.

Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that Relay for Life aids the American Cancer Society, but it’s not just held in the United States. Relay for Life events take place in 20 different countries, helping fight cancer around the globe.

The Relay for Life event involves taking turns walking around a track without any gaps between walkers. This is meant to signify that cancer does not sleep, and we should never sleep in our fight against it. Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that cancer patients don’t get to stop fighting because they’re tired, and during Relay for Life, those walking don’t get to stop either.

However, Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that this is part of what makes Relay for Life so enjoyable for participants. Each team has a themed campsite, and numerous events take place throughout the day and night.

“Once you take part in one Relay for Life event, you’ll continue to take part every year,” Rachel Marie DeSimone said. “Participants are fighting cancer, helping raise funds for those in need, and they’re having a good time too.”

Rachel Marie DeSimone

You’re Purchasing Land: Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer? Rachel Marie DeSimone Explains.

Gearing up to make a land purchase? It can be tough to understand the ins and outs of real estate law when you’re purchasing land. Real estate paralegal Rachel Marie DeSimone is sharing her recommendations for deciding whether you need a lawyer to help you through the process of land purchase.

If you’re doing a straightforward transfer of land, it may be possible to complete the process without a lawyer, according to Rachel Marie DeSimone. However, if you can afford it, using a real estate lawyer is always a good idea when there’s a transfer of property. Rachel Marie DeSimone says that using a real estate lawyer can help to ensure that the property transfer is fair to all parties.

Most people don’t anticipate that any legal disputes will arise during a property transfer, but it happens more often than you would think, according to Rachel Marie DeSimone. When it comes time to sign the paperwork, many people find themselves unable to complete the deal due to small arguments that could have been easily avoided with the use of a real estate lawyer.

If you’re not sure whether you’re going to need the services of a real estate layer, Rachel Marie DeSimone recommends at least shopping around to figure out who you will call if you need to work with someone for legal assistance. Keeping a real estate lawyer on retainer while you’re going through the process of working out a real estate deal. According to Rachel Marie DeSimone, having a real estate lawyer on hand as you’re going through the process of working out final agreements and signing contracts can save you valuable time.

Rachel Marie DeSimone also recommends that you check the laws in your state. Some laws require that you have a real estate lawyer present at the closing of your real estate deal. Even if working with a real estate lawyer is not required in your state, Rachel Marie DeSimone recommends working with one if you’re an out of town or out of state buyer, if you’re buying commercial property, if you’re buying a property in a disaster-prone area (such as a tornado zone or a flood zone), or if you’re buying a property that’s bank-owned.

When you have questions about your real estate deal, Rachel Marie DeSimone recommends that you consult a real estate legal professional.