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Rachel Marie Desimone

Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses How Relay for Life Aids the American Cancer Society

Philanthropist Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses How Relay for Life aids the American Cancer Society.

Battling cancer is a never-ending job. The Relay for Live event, held by the American Cancer Society, is one way the world is battling cancer one step at a time. Philanthropist and American Cancer Society donor Rachel Marie DeSimone recently discussed how Relay for Life is assisting Americans battling cancer right now.

“The battle against cancer is undoubtedly a physical battle, but it’s financial too,” Rachel Marie DeSimone said. “The Relay for Life helps relieve some of that financial burden, so patients and their caregivers can focus on health.”

Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that the Relay for Life experience is one that draws people back year after year. Nearly every person knows somebody who is battling cancer or has battled it in the past. The concept of Relay for Life is that one person can always make a difference in any fight, but especially in the fight against cancer. Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that Relay for Life supports research for cures for certain cancers, transportation to and from cancer treatment centers, and hospital bills for those battling cancer right now. Many families have zero financial support, and Relay for Life provides the hope and help they need.

“Relay for Life is an iconic fundraiser for the American Cancer Society because it takes place in more than 5,000 communities around the world,” Rachel Marie DeSimone said.

Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that Relay for Life aids the American Cancer Society, but it’s not just held in the United States. Relay for Life events take place in 20 different countries, helping fight cancer around the globe.

The Relay for Life event involves taking turns walking around a track without any gaps between walkers. This is meant to signify that cancer does not sleep, and we should never sleep in our fight against it. Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that cancer patients don’t get to stop fighting because they’re tired, and during Relay for Life, those walking don’t get to stop either.

However, Rachel Marie DeSimone explained that this is part of what makes Relay for Life so enjoyable for participants. Each team has a themed campsite, and numerous events take place throughout the day and night.

“Once you take part in one Relay for Life event, you’ll continue to take part every year,” Rachel Marie DeSimone said. “Participants are fighting cancer, helping raise funds for those in need, and they’re having a good time too.”

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