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Rachel Marie DeSimone

You’re Purchasing Land: Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer? Rachel Marie DeSimone Explains.

Gearing up to make a land purchase? It can be tough to understand the ins and outs of real estate law when you’re purchasing land. Real estate paralegal Rachel Marie DeSimone is sharing her recommendations for deciding whether you need a lawyer to help you through the process of land purchase.

If you’re doing a straightforward transfer of land, it may be possible to complete the process without a lawyer, according to Rachel Marie DeSimone. However, if you can afford it, using a real estate lawyer is always a good idea when there’s a transfer of property. Rachel Marie DeSimone says that using a real estate lawyer can help to ensure that the property transfer is fair to all parties.

Most people don’t anticipate that any legal disputes will arise during a property transfer, but it happens more often than you would think, according to Rachel Marie DeSimone. When it comes time to sign the paperwork, many people find themselves unable to complete the deal due to small arguments that could have been easily avoided with the use of a real estate lawyer.

If you’re not sure whether you’re going to need the services of a real estate layer, Rachel Marie DeSimone recommends at least shopping around to figure out who you will call if you need to work with someone for legal assistance. Keeping a real estate lawyer on retainer while you’re going through the process of working out a real estate deal. According to Rachel Marie DeSimone, having a real estate lawyer on hand as you’re going through the process of working out final agreements and signing contracts can save you valuable time.

Rachel Marie DeSimone also recommends that you check the laws in your state. Some laws require that you have a real estate lawyer present at the closing of your real estate deal. Even if working with a real estate lawyer is not required in your state, Rachel Marie DeSimone recommends working with one if you’re an out of town or out of state buyer, if you’re buying commercial property, if you’re buying a property in a disaster-prone area (such as a tornado zone or a flood zone), or if you’re buying a property that’s bank-owned.

When you have questions about your real estate deal, Rachel Marie DeSimone recommends that you consult a real estate legal professional.

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